Christmas Music And It’s Appeal…


Christmas Music And It’s Appeal…

Christmas E&V

It’s that time of year again… the time when radios are blasting Christmas songs, TV’s have music videos on constant rotation and your favourite artists get ready to release their own take on the Christmas classics!

To the surprise of nobody Christmas Champion Mariah Carey is climbing the iTunes chart with her classic ‘All I Want for Christmas’ and Michael Bublé is back in the album top ten with his holiday collection.

But it now seems more artists than ever are trying to cash in on the Christmas LP tradition. This years new Christmas challenger is Broadway star Idina Menzel, best known for singing ‘Let It Go‘ from a little Disney movie called ‘Frozen‘.

So far all is looking good for her collection as it has just broken in the U.S. top ten album. The album also features a collaboration with Michael Bublé, meaning that Idina is definitely using a key ingredient into making an album sell.

This time last year we were stacked with holiday collection releases. Kelly Clarkson gave us ‘Wrapped in Red‘, the cast of Duck Dynasty sold shockingly well with ‘Duck the Halls‘, Mary J. Blige wished us ‘A Mary Christmas‘, Leona Lewis sent ‘Christmas, with Love‘, Susan Boyle was ‘Home for Christmas‘ and even Tamar Braxton gave us a glimpse into ‘Winter’s Loversland’.

It appears that artists of all genres can’t resist in sharing the Christmas joy!

There are many positive aspects to releasing a holiday album. Naturally the right answer is to share the excitement of this special time of year and to treat fans to a softer side of their favourite artist. But most importantly (to record labels at least) it is a very profitable market and time of year.

Think of how much money Mariah Carey makes yearly from single sales and radio airplay of ‘All I Want for Christmas‘ – in fact the amount of money any songwriter can make from a Christmas classic is beyond our wildest dreams. You could be a one-hit wonder but if it’s a (classic) Christmas song and you wrote it then you may never need to work a day again in your life!

However there are some Christmas albums that just come and go and nobody remembers by the time Xmas rolls around the corner. Does anybody rush to listen to ‘Ashanti’s Christmas‘ or ‘Happy Christmas‘ by Jessica Simpson? Even albums released by legends and veterans such as Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera are brushed aside by superior releases after their first year of release.

I personally have no problem with an artist releasing a Christmas album. However if I was to request one thing from them if they insist on dropping one, that is to release a brand new Christmas song and not a predictable (and auto-tuned) cover version.

Many people call ‘All I Want for Christmas‘ the last modern-day Christmas classic and to be honest there is truth within that statement. However last year showed a glimmer of hope, ‘Underneath the Tree‘ by Kelly Clarkson was well received internationally and ‘One More Sleep‘ by Leona Lewis even managed to peak a number three in the UK singles chart! Proving that a bit of originality at Christmas can still go along way with the public.

It is still to early to determine who will have the biggest selling Christmas release this year, but if theres one thing to be sure of this is a trend that will only grow bigger for many years Christmases to come!

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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