Miss World 2014: Get to Know winner, Rolene Strauss (in Pictures)


Miss World 2014 winner Rolene Strauss – Get to Know her (pictures).

miss-world 2014 final winner rolene strauss and other contestant

Miss South Africa, 22-year-old Rolene Strauss, was crowned Miss World 2014 at the contest final at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London on Sunday (December 14), with an estimated billion viewers watching on TV around the globe.

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Rolene, 22, is a medical student, she “is bilingual and charitable”.  She beat 120 international contestants each regarded as the most beautiful women in their respective home countries.

Miss World 2014
(Above) Miss England Carina Tyrrell shows off her evening gown during the formal wear section of the final.

She was crowned by the outgoing Miss World, Megan Young of the Philippines.

The 2014 Miss World second position went to Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsar, and third place was Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit.

Top three: Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsar, left, was judged the runner-up and Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit, came third in the 64th annual competition, contested by women from 121 countries

For people that do not know much about the Rolene Strauss, below are pictures of her for your viewing pleasure – sourced by we here at Eyes and Voice.

PICTURES: Rolene Strauss

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