Ciara Returns With ‘I Bet’ [Listen]


Ciara Returns With ‘I Bet’ [Listen]

Ciara I Bet EV

It’s a new year and a new start for Ciara as she prepares for the release of her sixth studio album!

The ‘Body Party‘ singer has now revealed details of her comeback plans by releasing a brand new single ‘I Bet‘.

The track features a similar vibe to past singles such as ‘Promise‘ and ‘Sorry‘ and is produced by Harmony Samuels. The lyrics seem to have taken inspirational from Ciara’s personal relationship with rapper Future and their break-up after the birth of their son.

The albums titled is rumoured to be ‘Jackie‘, which will no doubt have a personal meaning to Ciara as that is the name of her own mother.

As with every Ciara campaign lets just hope this one is well handled and that she manages to recapture to publics attention as she did back in her peak in 2005/2006.

Unfortunately it seems that ever since the release of her third studio album ‘Fantasy Ride‘ in 2009 Ciara has been releasing dozens of buzz singles (‘Go Girl‘, ‘Sorry‘, ‘Got Me Good‘ to name a few) that have failed to catch on.

However there has been some areas of improvement in her professional career such as ‘Body Party‘ being certified Gold in the United States and the critical acclaim that her self-titled album received back in 2013.

Listen to ‘I Bet‘ below and let’s just hope that this is the start of good things to come for Ciara in 2015!

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