‘Superstar’ singer Jamelia abused by Twitter trolls


NEWS: ‘Superstar’ singer Jamelia abused by Twitter trolls.

Jamelia receives abuse on twitter

Loose women star Jamelia slams online trolls who sent her racist and sexual abuse on Twitter. She admitted that the comments had left her emotionally shaken and scared for her own safety after the attack.

The 34 year-old singer turned TV personality went on to say to her 33.7k followers:

jamelia twitter abuse. EYES AND VOCE

She wrote; ” I woke up so happy this morning… only to come on to Twitter and see someone telling me they want to slam my head in.

“Suffice to say my head changed, I got upset, I was confused and even felt a little scared. Someone I don’t know hates me like that? Wants to attack me??

Despite being a prolific tweeter over the weekend she revealed that the abuse she gets from other users of twitter has made her “fall out of love” with it.

Followers condemned the online trolls and sent supportive messages to the star.

First to reach out was Loose-women co-star Andrea McLean, who posted: “Hey…Just seen your tweets. There is an emoji for a hug so I’m sending you (smiley face) as it is the closest thing I can find #Hug

Soul singer Jahmene Douglas added: “people need to learn respect. Doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re in”.

jamelia on eyes and voice 3
Mum-of-two offered support by fans

She later wrote: “Overwhelmed by your lovely comments, I really wasn’t trying to throw a pity party, but your words have made all the difference. Thank You”.

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Article written by: Leynna-Jay Honegan




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