New Video: Madonna ‘Ghosttown’ [Watch]


New Video: Madonna ‘Ghosttown’ [Watch]

Madonna Ghosttown EV

After much anticipation Madonna has unveiled the visual for her acclaimed single ‘Ghosttown‘.

The video directed by Jonas Akerlund features Madonna and ‘Empire‘ actor Terrence Howard in a passion filled and effective clip.

Since the worldwide release of ‘Rebel Heart‘ last month ‘Ghosttown‘ has been the most buzzed about single in years for the Queen of Pop.

Enlisting the star of the most popular new drama on television as well is also an excellent strategy by her team!

While the video and its plot is simple, it offers a less is more approach and is no doubt the best Madonna music video in quite some time.

Now whether the success of the video translate in chart success for the single is another thing to be seen?

You never know stranger things have happened….

Check out the ‘Ghosttown‘ music video below.

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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