New Music: Leona Lewis ‘Fire Under My Feet’ [Listen]


New Music: Leona Lewis ‘Fire Under My Feet’ [Listen]

Leona EV

Leona Lewis is back and this time she means business!

Fire Under My Feet‘ serves as the singers first release with Island Records since her departure from former label Syco last year.

The song features a new determined attitude (lyrics including ”moving on to bigger things’‘) from the former ‘X Factor‘ winner and will no doubt leave people questioning the inspiration behind her new feisty attitude.

Leona has been vocal about her depression and dissatisfaction with her former label and no doubt her upcoming fifth studio album ‘I Am‘ will serve as a platform to express things from her point of view.

Since winning ‘The X Factor‘ in 2006 Leona is best known for her worldwide hit ‘Bleeding Love‘ which topped the charts in 35 countries including the UK and the USA. Her debut album ‘Spirit‘ (2007) sold over seven million copies worldwide.

However for a variety of different reasons she wasn’t able to achieve similar success with her follow up albums ‘Echo‘ (2009) and ‘Glassheart‘ (2012).

Some people blame lack of promotion, others blame the material, while some have even suggested that she had been over shadowed by other female contemporaries such as Adele, Emeli Sande and Ellie Goulding.

Her 2013 ‘Christmas, with Love‘ LP served as a mild comeback for the singer thanks to the success of ‘One More Sleep‘. The single reached number three in the UK and pushed the holiday album to sell more copies than ‘Glassheart‘ the year before.

Thanks to her departure from Syco she can now seek out more opportunities that were possibly restricting her before. With a strong new attitude and emphasis on material, there is no reason why Leona can’t achieve worldwide success again in the near future?

Check out the official video for ‘Fire Under My Feet‘ below.

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