Janet Jackson Confirms Music Return!


Janet Jackson Confirms Music Return!

Janet EV 2015

It’s the news that every Janet fan has been waiting for and she promised it would come from her lips!

Today on her birthday (May 16), Janet Jackson took to Vimeo to post a video regarding her music status.

Please watch below.

Exciting stuff right?

“New music, a new world tour…a new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going.”

There has been rumours for years now regarding Janet’s musical comeback but nothing has ever been officially confirmed till now.

However it had seemed that this year more and more reliable speculation had arisen regarding her comeback and now it appears that all the recent rumours were somewhat true.

Nothing else is known yet about the music release date, the genre of music she will be performing or when her new world tour will take place but nonetheless this is the best piece of news Janet fans have received in years!

It also shuts down rumours that Janet has officially retired from the industry…

Janet’s last studio album ‘Discipline‘ was released way back in 2008 and her last world tour ‘Number Ones, Up Close and Personal‘ wrapped up in 2011.

One thing for sure is that EyesandVoice will keep you updated on any upcoming Janet music news!

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