Bedfordshire Music & Fashion Week 2015 Recap


Bedfordshire Music & Fashion Week 2015 Recap

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The 2015 Bedfordshire Music & Fashion Week got of to a flying start last week as the newest and upcoming fashion designers and musicians showed of their latest material!

The message of this week is to understand that fashion influences music and how this can be done in more ways than one.

Friday night saw the event take place in Bedford and was officially sponsored by the high street brand Blue Inc.

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The store was also on hand to show of their latest collection which went down a treat with the audience!

Bliss Studio textiles were one of the first designs shown of the evening. Their rich colouring outfits and striking models definitely set the bar high as to what was to be expect.

The Kasora Afrocentric Collection gave the audience a culture-inspired treat of what fashion can mean to a designer. The perfection and detail on their designs definitely made her stand out from the crowd.

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Fashion designs were shown from the likes of Monaara whose joyful colours represented a vibrant and artistic edge to the fashion industry.

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Another fashion highlight was the Sebastien Kwok collection whose showcase featured high energy and luxury women’s clothing. The experimental designs were worth the risk and were no doubt an audience highlight!

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Pushing the boundaries further was Victoria Louise Geaney and her unique designs. The conceptional designs that she showed represented todays contemporary society and demonstrated further the growing impact of fashion, science and art.

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Music of course was on show and this years musicians once again proved to be a key highlight to the success of the evening.

Ishod Blac provided a brilliant set which included covers (‘Bulletproof‘) and original material such as his new song ‘So Real‘.

Anthony Miller, Christopher Kirkby and Meera Sadhanna also performed material that put emphasis on their voices and musical inspirations.

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A music highlight had to Casey Leigh who performed her catchy single ‘Catch 22‘ to an enthusiastic audience.

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Overall the evening was a great way to kick-off BMF Week 2015 and hopefully the rest of the weekend provided continued fashion and music to the highest of standards!

For more information on the Bedfordshire Music and Fashion Week 2015 please click here to visit their official website.

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Article By:  Grant Savage


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