New Music: Naughty Boy (ft. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin) – ‘Runnin’ [Listen]


New Music: Naughty Boy (ft. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin) – ‘Runnin’ [Listen]


Naughty Boy is gearing up for the release of his second studio album in a big way with his new track ‘Runnin‘, featuring Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin!

The power ballad features soulful lyrics from Beyoncé that blends nicely with Arrow and the production skills of the British DJ.

The artistic music video features two humans floating underwater trying to locate one another before eventually reuniting. Neither Beyoncé, Arrow or Naughty Boy make an appearance in the clip.

The track which is available now on iTunes was only announced a day ago by Naughty Boy himself and has sparked a huge reaction from fans around the world.

With the help of Beyoncé could this be the track that pushes Naughty Boy further into worldwide recognition? We’ll have to wait and see!

Listen to ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All) below.

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