New Single: Rihanna (ft. Drake) – ‘Work’ [Listen]


New Single: Rihanna (ft. Drake) – ‘Work’ [Listen]

It’s here… it’s finally here… it’s so here that we’re not even going to have quirky opening paragraph to describe this musical drought that she has put her fans through over this last year (especially).

Today Rihanna has premiered ‘Work‘ featuring her good pal Drake and it is expected to be THE lead single from her upcoming eighth studio album ‘Anti‘.

The track, produced by Boi 1da has been released exclusively on Tidal (where else…).

The song itself is not too different from anything she has released in the past and while it is hook-heavy and has cross-over appeal, it certainly doesn’t have that ”timeless” vibe that she was aiming for yet…

But nonetheless after all this wait and teasing, we should just accept and be grateful for what we have been given!

The album ‘Anti‘ is now rumoured to be released in a matter of days or at least weeks but most definitely soon. So keep your eyes open for it okay!

Either way Rihanna hits the road for her ‘Anti World Tour‘ on February 26 in San Diego and it is expected to run through the first half of this year.

Click here to Listen to ‘Work

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