New Video: Gwen Stefani ‘Make Me Like You’ [Watch]


New Video: Gwen Stefani ‘Make Me Like You’ [Watch]

Gwen Stefani is back to her pop best with her new single ‘Make Me Like You‘ and to accompany the song she has filmed a music video with a twist!

For those who watched the Grammy Awards last night will have noticed that during the commercial break, Gwen filmed this video – completely LIVE!

Meaning that any actions or mistakes that Gwen could have made would of been captured there and then! Luckily this didn’t appear to be the case as the fun video went according to plan and featured the No Doubt singer in a variety of colourful and social settings summing up her feelings for a certain someone…

However as with any live TV risk element there was a moment of did they? or didn’t they? when it appeared that Gwen’s stunt/body double ”fell” over during the roller skating scene. Cleverly whether this fall was a mistake or not works well with the song and video’s message of feelings and ”falling” for your love! You be the judge of that (around the 3.13 mark).

Gwen’s third studio album ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like‘ is due to be released on March 18 and it will include this single and the previous released ‘Used to Love You‘. It will be her first solo record since ‘The Sweet Escape‘ in 2006!

Check out the ‘Make Me Like You‘ live music video below.

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