Meet Laura Doyle – The Voice of Ireland Contestant 

[EYES AND VOICE] At first, we planned a ‘Zoom In’ article for Laura, but after our conversation, everyone here at Eyes And Voice agreed we should do a full feature article for Miss Doyle.

With her easy-going personality and a wonderful style to match (check her Instagram), during our conversation I could see why this girl will be going places – if followed through, of-course.

Laura Doyle is only 19, first year in college and live with her family (2 sisters and parents) in Dublin.


Now a contestant on The Voice (Ireland), she has just gone through the battle stage and it looks like she will go far on the show.

“Where I feel most comfortable and happy, on stage”

England, want to know more about Laura Doyle? Here’s our conversation with her below:

Eyes And Voice: Hi Laura Doyle, how has your day been?

Laura Doyle: Hi, my day has been good. yours?

Oh good, ours has been paperwork – Was you up to anything fun?

I was just in college for the day, then came home to finish assignments…

How far have you gone in college and what do you study?

I’m in my first year of college here in Dublin and I’m studying contemporary music performance.

So, The Voice (of Ireland) how was singing to the coaches like?

Singing to the coaches was nerve wrecking. Waiting around to get my chance on stage was probably the worst bit, seeing people get rejected and not knowing which way it was going to go certainly scared me but once I got on stage, I felt at home. The four coached turned so I was very happy about that and their comments were much better than I thought so all round it was a brilliant experience.

Have you had a chance to sit on one of those chairs?

I did

I hear the coaches are very friendly, did you get like a fashion tips from any of them?

The coaches are very friendly. Especially the girls. They haven’t gave me any fashion tips yet but They are always dressed lovely.

How would you describe your style? Who would you say inspires your style

Well my style and what I wear day to day really depends on where I go or how I’m feeling. I’m very versatile and I like to be different without fully standing out. when I’m out in town with my friends shopping or chilling, I always wear casual clothes like jeans and cropped tops or jumpers. Sometimes I like to put an urban twist on my style so I would add a hat or a checked shirt around my waist. Something simple that would make a big difference. If I’m going out to a nightclub, I would most of the time wear a tight dress with heals or jumpsuits/play suits etc.

Where’s your best place to go for clothes shopping in Dublin?

New look or Catch for clothes and shoes, and penny’s (primark) for jewellery and accessories.

We noticed you’ve got some new tattoos – how many in total have you got now?

I have 3 tattoos in total

We know you’re a great singer, do you play any instruments too?

Thank you, I play a little bit of guitar and piano but not often as I always have acrylic nails on, so guitar isn’t an option when my nails are on… (laughing)

Haha, we don’t want them broken 🙂 What about writing songs?

I know! I do write songs but not many.

What was the feeling when Gavin James tweeted that he loved you performance on The Voice?

I was excited that he loved it! He messaged me on Facebook first but I did not expect him to tweet me so that was a good surprise.

The ‘Battle round’, you went through

I did thankfully

Who would you say is the biggest competition at the moment?

A girl called Kelesa Mulcahy, she is an unbelievable singer and performer and she is a lovely girl also…

Also Jasmine Kavanagh, she is one of my closest friends in the competition but she has an amazing voice.

Have you started planning ahead after the show or you are still enjoying the moment?

I haven’t planned anything for after the show, I think it’s important to live day by day because you never know what will happen in the future. I’m going to continue making music and putting covers on YouTube etc and I’m just going to keep doing the things I love to do.

Oh that’s good. Good luck on The Voice and hope you win – it was nice talking to you 🙂

Thank you so much!

For more on Laura Doyle, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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