[EYES AND VOICE] This week on Zoom In, we bring to you Bryanna Catherine.

From her career as a model which started barely two months back, to her best shoot – which was her first – to her personal style, Eyes And Voice talks with Bryanna about her modelling ambition.

See below, our Zoom In conversation with Bryanna Catherine.


Eyes And Voice: Hi Bryanna, it’s Friday night are doing anything fun?

Bryanna Catherine: Heey, I just had my friends round for a bit and I finished my website. bryannacatherine.wix.com/model

Oh good, Modelling? How long have you been a model?

Yes for my modelling and I started in January! But I’ve been scouted before

Have you done any shoot recently that you will like to tell us about?

Well my favourite one was the first shoot I did! That was with the designer Callecia J Brown. She designs and makes her own collection on and sells it on ASOS Market. She has recently published her own website too! I love her designs!! It was an all day shoot and it was absolutely freezing in the studio but I’m not complaining because I loved it, it was so much fun!


That sounds fun, we noticed you have done some fashion/brand shoots – how would you describe yourself? Would you say you’re focus on Fashion Modelling or you’re versatile?

I would say that I’m more focused on fashion modelling because I literally love fashion! My Instagram page is full of everything to do with fashion.

Yeah we saw that, nice! And you do some fashion blogging as well?

Yes I’ve been uploading the odd few pictures Instagram and tagging clothing a lines in and also Barry M like my tweets and insta pictures if I upload a picture of their nail polish. I uploaded a photo of my new missguided top which I am currently writing a blog post about now and AX Paris liked my photo which I’m very pleased about because clothing brands are seeing my posts which could lead to more modelling work!

Wow, good. Have you got some brands in mind that you would really like to work for?

I have a few in mind but only one will be possible! Missguided, New Look, Lipsy brands like that. But what I really want is it get in with one of the top agencies in London.


You live in Derby? What’s the Style like there?

Yes I live in Derby. The style tends to be similar. A lot of women wear the waterfall style coat. Similar colours are work too like camel and khaki. Beauty is all the same as well with the eyebrows and the contour, it seems to be a big thing at the moment.

Are you liking the current style trend at the moment?


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as glamorous, I never dress casual


What’s your best place to shop in Derby?

I love shopping in H&M, Zara, River Island and Topshop for accessories

What’s that one item you can’t do without at the moment?

Definitely has to be accessories

What’s your next modelling project? Have you got any shoots lined up?

I’ve got a charity fashion show next month and then I’ve been contacted by a new clothing brand to do a shoot for them.


Oh good, keep us updated and it was nice talking to you

Thank you

Stats/Sizes: Bryanna Catherine

  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 36
  • Bust: 32
  • Leg: 32

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