[EYES AND VOICE] Today on Zoom In, we have Thea Rose.

Meet 22 years-old, Leicester based model, Thea Rose. From moving out on her own at a very young age, getting into education, juggling being a model and career for her partner. Thea has achieved a lot in the last 4 years.

She now owns her own house!

Read our very interesting Zoom In conversation with Thea Rose below:


Eyes And Voice: Thea Rose, unique name! Is that your real name?

Thea Rose:  No my real name is actually Hollykay but most models prefer to keep there real name private.

My partner was the one who came up with Thea Rose.

London girl, eh! What’s your background – tell us about yourself?

Yeah I’m originally from London, my family still live in the same house I grew up in.. When I turned 17, I decided to leave home and move to Leicester where I knew no one. I managed to get myself into a hostel for a year, got myself a job and into college not many 17 year old can say they have done that. I’m now 22 I have my own little house.

I still go over to London twice a month to see my family but now I’m in Leicestershire, I wouldn’t move back home.

When did you start modelling and how’s the journey been so far?

I started modelling properly 4 years ago, it all started when I was studying at college and one of my friends was taking photography.

She needed to take some images for her portfolio, I was her guinea pigs.

We did some basic head shots and full body images. That’s how it all started and 4 years later I have been published in various magazines in both the UK and internationally. I’ve met some incredible people on my journey and most still work with me now even after 4 years, most of the people I work with have become very good friends too me.


Apart from being a model what else do you do?

I’m also a carer for my partner, he had a car crash a few years back. Due to the accident he now suffers with brain damage, most of my time is spend looking after him. We have close friends and family who help out when needed so it gives me time to myself.

How do you manage being a career for your partner and modelling?

We have close friends and family who help out time to time.

He doesn’t need 24/7 care as he’s able to do most things himself, so that gives me the time to do what I enjoy but there’s always someone close by if he needs help.

We notice (on your Instagram) you do a lot of clothing shoots – would you say you’re fashion model or are you versatile?

At the start I was mainly your typical glamour model, but over the years I would say I’m more versatile.. I tend to do a lot of shoots on location which is always fun, you never know what is around the corner.


Do you have any limitations or you’re open to trying new ideas?

I have my limits to what I will do but I’m always up for new ideas. I work a lot with AboutTheArt and amsphotography they both come up with something crazy and outgoing. With modelling and photography you can never be out of ideas, there’s so much stuff outside the box you can do, the outdoors is like a blank canvas that hasn’t been touched.

How would you describe your style?

I am like a creative butterfly, flitting here and there sprinkling my own brand of magic dust on an idea and making it special

Wow, nice. Is there anything else you will like to tell the Eyes And Voice readers?

I wasn’t comfortable with my body at the start but over the years, I’ve become comfortable with the body I’m in. I’m glad I’ve got to where I am now otherwise I wouldn’t of become the person I am today and thanks to my good friend and photographer AboutTheArt. Myself and AboutTheArt get together on a regular basis, we have been to some amazing locations and definitely made some remember-able memories wherever we go.

Oh good. It was nice talking to you Thea Rose, Come back, check on us anytime.

No problem, thanks for having me.


Stats/Sizes: Thea Rose

  • Height – 4′ 11″ (150cm)
  • Weight – 38kg (84lbs)
  • Dress: Size 6
  • Chest Size – 29″ (74cm)
  • Bra Size – 32B
  • Shoe Size – 3
  • Waist – Size 24″
  • Hip Size 28″
  • Inside Leg –  Size27″ (69cm)
  • Eye Colour – Blue
  • Hair Colour – Red
  • Hair Length: Shoulder Length

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