[EYES AND VOICE] Meet Tobi Josephine, part-time Model currently studying at the University of Gloucestershire.

Not Just an aspiring model, Tobi is also a dancer studying performing arts. During our conversation for her Zoom In article, she oozes niceness. Being unique seems to be her selling point.

Read below our Zoom In conversation with Tobi Josephine and get in touch, if any enquiries.


Eyes And Voice: Hi Tobi, can tell us about yourself?

Tobi Josephine: Hello, I’m 18 years old. Currently in my first year of university in Gloucestershire, originally from Luton. I am training to be an all round performing arts professional. I’m very outgoing, friendly and inquisitive.

Performing Arts, that’s good. So when did you start considering a career in modelling?

I’ve always been told I’ve had the slim figure, slim face and characteristics for modelling.

After getting told that I started to look into it more, I started to get interested in the clothing models wear. The photo shots that happens and all the projects to do with modelling.

Have you had any photo shoot lately?

No I haven’t had any. But I am setting up a photo shoot soon with a photographer to start-up my portfolio.

What type of modelling are you looking to get into? Fashion, Glamour, Catwalk… Or haven’t you thought about that yet?

The modelling type I’ve been interested in is Fashion

Is there anyone at the moment that inspires you? And why?

Chantelle Brown aka Winnie Harlow


She inspires me because she takes on that role of not caring what people think about her rare skin condition. She uses it to her potential and I like that about her. Just looking at her pictures she’s so graceless, glamorous and confident. She’s a rare unique person and that’s what draws me to her.

So how you describe your style?

I have a unique style because I don’t stick to one style i like to be diverse.

What’s currently on your shopping carts?

Currently is a new brown tracksuit, shirt dress, bra harness, bra bustier, black thigh high boots, a pair of Adidas original superstars with gold shell toe and a new coat.


What’s that one thing you can do without on a daily basis?


Where do you doing your shopping? Luton or Gloucestershire And why?

I mostly shop online. But I would shop anywhere just depends which shop catches my eye.

I shop online because I like to have unique stuff that no one has. You find the best stuff online when you dig deep.

Food, What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is Chinese its my favourite

Nice. How do you manage to maintain your slim figure?

I don’t. It’s weird. I have high metabolism so I naturally don’t put on much weight as an average human being does. So I’ve been slim all my life. But I think one of the things that keep me toned is my dancing.

Wow, you’re so lucky! And you dance?

I know a lot of people say that to me. Yes I do dance it’s one of the elements of my performing arts course at university.

Have you heard of ‘Dab’? Can you do that?

Haha yes I can dab

I tried it the other day and I don’t think it’s for me, Americans can invite some dance moves… What other dance moves can you do?

Yeah I know, their very good out there. I can naenae, whip, dougie, azonto. It’s kind of my priority to know new dances because I’m a dancer. But I do train in other styles as well.

Okay, back to modelling – Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing and brands?

Yes I would model anything. If I have a chance to try something new, I will go for it.

Your availability: would you travel? full-time, part-time, any hours?

Yes I would travel. And would either prefer part-time or any hours because I’m still in full-time education so my education comes first but I would always make time for my career.


Oh okay. So Tobi, is there anything else you would want the Eyes And Voice readers to know about you?

I think you’ve got a lot of information about me already. Can’t think of anything else

Oh good. Good luck on everything Tobi. We’re here, don’t hesitate to come knocking 🙂 – It was nice talking to you.

Thank you very much Holy. It’s good to know that. It was nice talking to you too 🙂

Stats/Sizes: Tobi Josephine

  • 18 year old Female Model
  • Stats: 32B – 27 – 30
  • Dress Size: 8
  • 5’6 tall
  • 8st 0lbs
  • Shoe Size: 5.5 – 6
  • Brown eyes
  • Afro caribbean hair
  • Black Skin
  • African/Caribbean Ethnicity
  • I have 1 tattoo

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