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Drake features The Throne (Kanye West and Jay Z) on new single, Pop Style...


[EYES AND VOICE] Yeah, its for real, Drake reunites The Throne for new single, Pop Style.

Drake just today (5th April) released two new singles from his upcoming album (which is scheduled to drop later this month), the first; One Dance which features Wizkid and Kyla and this headline song, Pop Style which features The Throne – remember the 2011 Jay Z and Kanye West?… Remember Watch The Throne? Yes, them!

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This song was probably a Kanye West and Jay Z‘s song that was not used for Watch The Throne or it was recorded during the Watch The Throne era, but that’s beside the point! The song is dope.

Although Jay Z only dropped two lines… but Kanye was the old, beautiful, Kanye!

Use the link below to download Drake’s Pop Style featuring The Throne (Jay Z and Kanye West)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Drake – Pop Style ft. The Throne

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