[EYES AND VOICE] Today we Zoom In on Atlanta based model, Chey Alexandria.


We have interviewed a lot of personalities and models, Chey is up there as one of our top person to chat to and this could take her places… With her easy going personality, friendliness and her seemingly awareness of her environment (she don’t watch TV people!), she would be a very reliable person to work with.

See below our Zoom In conversation with Chey Alexandria and be in touch for any enquiries on the hippy chic.


EYES AND VOICE: Hi, tell us about yourself?

Chey Alexandria: I’m a freelance model based in Atlanta, Georgia. I just relocated here from North Carolina. I have my master’s degree in Expressive Arts therapy & Counselling. My favourite clothing line is BCBG.

I like the line because of how classy and comfortable the clothes are but most of all for what it stands for; Bon Chic Bon Genre (good style & good attitude).

Wow Masters… Smart yeah? Was you modelling and studying at same time?

Yep I modelled on and off for a few years, though just became serious about it within this past year.

I was working as a mental health therapist for a while but decided to follow my passion of travelling the country and meeting new people, etc

We are from Birmingham, UK – what’s the style like in Atlanta, Georgia?

Very diverse in south and east Atlanta it’s looser more relaxed like true religion but buckhead and downtown you’ll see more classic three piece suits Christian Loubatin, Gucci etc

How would you describe your style?

Hippy Chic 🙂


So back to modelling, we saw the music video by TK N Cash you featured on, you seemed like you was enjoy yourself. How was it like at the shoot?

Thank you & It was really laid back; everyone was having fun while still being professional. One funny thing did happen . . . My dress ripped straight down the back after shooting the first scene which is why I’m the only one wearing 2 different outfits (I believe). I’m glad I bring more than one outfit to each shoot!!

Ha, you’re well prepared! Is there any other shoots you’ve done you will like to tell us about?

Yep I did a shoot at an abandoned train station last year and at first I was taking just pretty photos until I saw where homeless people had been sleeping etc and I thought to myself I can’t take just another aesthetically appealing photo and decided to get into a crawl space where I could tell the less fortunate had been sleeping and shot the image there.

I think the power of image and art is stronger than words sometimes because you can talk to someone about their opinion on tough topics such as homeless population but when you see an image of a blonde haired pretty girl dirty and alone it reminds even the coldest of hearts that no one deserves to live in such a way.

That’s really inspiring… For shoots, do you have any limitations or are you open to trying different things?

Thank you! & No not really any limits; if I feel the idea is intriguing, classy and appealing I will consider it. The few times where I had a questionable shot I cross referenced it with my family. If my family approves then it it is fine with me to release as well

My two nieces and older sister are the ones that I always ask their opinion about my work…


Who and What’s influenced your modelling career so far?

… I really like Winnie Harlow because she has truly embraced what makes her unique and beautiful. I can relate because I am half black and half white and felt like I never fit in anywhere and was ashamed of how what made me different for a long time. But over time I embraced being racially ambiguous.

So apart from modelling, what’s else do you do?

I sell my artwork at different restaurants, I meditate, workout, go hiking or walking with my dog named LEO. I pretty much do anything but watch TV . . . I hate TV!



Oh, you hate TV, any reason for that?

There’s too many other things to do in life! Why limit yourself because of something addicting and restricting like TV. But I do like watching Netflix sometimes like documentaries like the one called I AM or comedians like Tom Segura are cool to watch at times.

Fair enough… Tell us about your shopping style?

I like pairing really cool unique items with basic ones. For example I like going to an antique shop or high end store like BCBG and finding ornate jewellery then pairing it with a simple solid colour bodycon dress from a store like H&M.

I love comfortable clothes that are effortlessly sexy


What’s that one accessories you can do without at the moment?

I have a pentagram necklace that has 7 crystals one it. It’s a necklace for protection and it’s supposed to attract good energy. I wear it every day it’s beautiful & very hippy Chic

Is there any project you’re currently involve in that you’re excited about and want to tell the Eyes And Voice readers about?

Yes I’m actually filming a movie right now called 287g Black & Latina (about a Black & Latina woman’s search to find acceptance within the different cultural communities). I’m also filming a reality. show called Atl Boss Divas about business women in Atlanta. and will be shooting more photo shoots that have a social action purpose behind it them such as some of the themes are about endangered species & one about racial ambiguity.

Good luck on everything Chey, it was nice talking to you – Keep in touch.

Thank you so much it was nice speaking to you as well!! Thank you for your time! Also this is a copy of that photo in the train station.


Stats/Sizes: Chey Alexandria

  • Bust 31
  • Waist 22
  • Hips 33
  • Dress size 0
  • Pants size 0/1
  • Shoe size 7-71/2
  • Shirt XS
  • 5’4 tall
  • 100lbs

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