[EYES AND VOICE] This week on Zoom In, we catch up with aspiring model, Alisha Whitworth.


Although she wasn’t confident enough to pursue her modelling career earlier, it looks like its the right time for Alisha Whitworth to kick start her modelling. Winner of the Model Vote competition for September 2015 – winning £405 – it looks like a pretty good start for the Norwich based waitress.

Eyes And Voice caught up with Alisha to have our Zoom In conversation with the 18-year-old on her style, modelling plans and more… See below!


EYES AND VOICE: Hi Alisha, tell the Eyes And Voice readers about yourself?

Alisha Whitworth: Hello! I’m 18, I live in Norwich, I’ve always lived here! I’ve been a waitress for 3 years but always wanted more! I’ve had confidence issues during high school and it stopped me from doing a lot of things and taking opportunities I was given. I always loved the idea of being a model, but never felt good enough and never had the self confidence to try and pursue it! Until now, I work at a hotel, waitressing and that has helped my confidence massively!

Waitress eh, I bet you always get Tips… How do you handle the fussiness of customers?

Yeah! I’m always friendly and bubbling with customers as that’s how my personality is! We don’t tend to get fussy customers but when we do, it’s fine, I just want to help them decide want they want. As I’m quite a fussy person myself when it comes to food anyway so I completely understand and I don’t really mind!

So why Modelling? When did you make that decision?

All my family and friends have always said to me, why don’t you get into modelling. Because I’ve always been taller than everyone! But I’m not that tall! I’m not fashion model tall, I’m 5ft 7.5! But I always said I don’t have the confidence to do it. I got scouted at a festival last year in May from an agency in London and I didn’t go for it. Because I was too scared! I then found the Model Vote competition in September and it was as easy and posting up a photo and asking friends on Facebook to vote. I didn’t have to meet anyone, it was all online so I thought why not! The amount of support I received from family, friends and people I didn’t even know was overwhelming. I had that much support I actually won the competition! The agency involved didn’t then contact me so again, I left it. But a month again I had a photographer contact me to ask if she could photograph me and I told myself to just do it. I did it and really enjoyed myself!


Are you more confident now and open to pursuing more of your modelling?

Yes! Last week I had 4 photo shoots and I had 1 yesterday! I’m enjoying so much and my confidence has grown! I have some exciting stuff lined up for the future which I’d love to share but my lips are sealed! But just getting out there, meeting new people, having support and positive feedback has helped me so much and it means a lot to me!

The Model Vote competition, you won! How was the feeling and the entire process?


Yes! When I entered I was extremely nervous! Even though I was just round my friends on my phone, it was so nerve racking for me! But out of the thousands of people that entered, I got into the top 20 pretty quickly because of the amazing support I had from my Facebook friends. I had lovely, supportive comments from family, friends, people I didn’t know. And I felt happy, to think people were voting for me just meant a lot. I weren’t expecting to win at all! But people kept voting and I ended up winning and I felt extremely grateful and overwhelmed but the support and the lovely comments I received! I’m glad I entered it, it was just a shame I didn’t get into modelling through the competition! But it gave me the confidence to go and do it myself! Which I am grateful for beyond words!

I mean we saw you through there 🙂 … So how would you describe your type of modelling?

Yes!😁 I wouldn’t say I have a type of modelling! The shoots I’ve done have all been different, I’ve worked with some amazing photographers in my home town, doing creepy shoots, with crazy make up! Then some natural shoots with just my day to day look! I’ve loved every minute of it so far! I would love to get into commercial modelling I think but right now I’m just open to anything and love trying new things, which used to terrify me! The thought of trying new things would scare me but now I’m just having fun with everything!


Do you have any limitations, or are you open to trying different things and new ideas?

I’m pretty much open to trying anything! Apart from nude shoots etc! Is a massive no! I don’t want to do glamour modelling or anything like that! But everything else, I’ll give a try and give it my best!

Catwalk and Runway?

That sort of modelling terrifies me! But I have such little experience at the moment! If things goes well and I manage to get myself out there! I will be more confident and could maybe one day do it! Never say never! I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now, but I’ve really surprised myself and hopefully I will continue to do that! So who knows…

Tell us about your style, how would you describe your personal style?

Clothes wise? I’d say I’m quite fashionable! I say quite, it was only about a month ago, I dared to walk out in daylight in heeled boots! Haha! I shop in h&m, top shop and new look just for everyday clothes! I love that sort of casual blue jeans and plain white top look and that’s normally what you would see me in! I’ve never really been too daring with trying different style of clothes so I dress pretty basic!


Is there anyone that you look up to for fashion/style tips?

Not really no! I get most inspiration from Instagram! There are so many fashion pages and bloggers! I just always find stuff I like on there and get most of my fashion ideas from instagram! I love Instagram haha!

Yeah we noticed, and your Instagram is pretty cool… What’s the style like in Norwich?

Haha thank you! I’d say it varies! I’d say it’s a wide range! I don’t really get out much as I work a lot😅 I don’t get to see what sort of people are out and the sort of styles are going on! I’m not too involved with fashion to be honest!

We saw Mr. Blanc used you for their product placement, how was that?

Yes! That was exciting I couldn’t believe it when I received the email! It was completely unexpected, I was really happy!


Any of your new project coming soon, you’re excited about that you would like to tell the Eyes And Voice readers?

I have some very exciting shoots coming up! I am very excited and just can’t wait to do more modelling, experience new things and get out there!

It was nice talking to you Alisha – keep us posted with your shoots and modelling

Thank you! It was nice talking to you too! I will! Thank you so much 🙂


Stats/Sizes: Alisha Whitworth

  • Height: 5ft 7.5
  • Shoe size: 6
  • Dress size: 8
  • Bust 34b
  • Hair: blonde
  • Eyes: blue
  • Waist: 27″
  • Hips: 33″

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