[EYES AND VOICE] This week on Zoom In, we talk to 18-year-old Nicole Rudy from Dublin, Ireland.

Looking through to find the right fit for our Zoom In articles takes a lot of time and back & fort deliberation between the Eyes And Voice team. When we caught up with the 18-year-old Dublin based aspiring model Nicole, it looks a good fit.

Oh! Happy Birthday girl!

Read below, as we talk with Nicole about her love for Arts, graffiti, her style, fashion and more…

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Eyes And Voice:  Nicole, tell us about yourself?

Nicole Rudy: Well I’m 18 years old, originally born in Poland but moved to Ireland & leave here for a few years now. Personally I have a very big interest in art & from time to time I draw… I live with my parents & my younger sister & yeah everything is pretty good.

Oh nice. What’s your favourite art work?

Well I don’t actually have a favourite art work, I really do love the street art especially while being in Dublin city walking through temple bar & seeing all the different art works, graffiti it really is amazing how people can put so much work into it with all the details & colours it really is inspiring & really intriguing.


What inspires you? Would you say your environment?

I would say that the thing that inspires me the most is not necessarily my environment but I can’t excluded it completely but I mostly get my inspiration from YouTubers, Bloggers how they talk about certain things & how they look at some things. I would always try & look up to them while picking out my outfit or make up. But also I look at myself what I think is good… I like to come up with new things to maybe inspire other people with my point of view.


Who do you look up at the moment for fashion style and tips?

I would have to say that there’s definitely more than one person & mostly I don’t even know who these people are, I just go on Instagram or Tumblr & look at different images. But my ultimate fashion style icon has to be Zendaya. Her image, her make up, the way she doesn’t try to over complicate anything she’s always rocking this flawless look on her face & also her style & her clothes are to die for she’s not afraid to try different things, literally everything she’s wearing is just goals.


So how would you describe your style?

I think that is like a combination of like street style, kind of urban style. I like to experiment with clothes, personally if I like something I would just buy it. I love putting my bumper jackets with everything that’s like my ultimate must have, I don’t care if it’s a dress or just normal jeans or sweat pants I think it goes with everything & also a pair of high waisted jeans & a crop top is like my go to look. I personally only stay in like black, grey, white range of colours.

Oh nice, what’s the style like now in Ireland and are you feeling it?

Well I don’t really know when I walk around Dublin I see many different sense of styles like urban style which I adore, but I feel like most of people are too afraid to experiment they just wear the exact thing as everyone else like high waisted jeans or leggings with some black leather jackets or different with some high boots which is not necessarily always good on everybody.

Poland or Ireland – which is got the best fashion and style?

I would say from what I see, I would definitely say Ireland. People here definitely are more open to fashion compare to Poland.


Where’s your best place to shop?

Definitely for me Forever 21, their sense of fashion is amazing, I love it. Their individual pieces are so easy to style & also the ready pieces are beautiful. Also the price is good because like a girl in my age that doesn’t have a job & my only income is from my parents, their clothes are really affordable & really range in many different styles everyone will definitely find something…

Where do you want to be in 2 to 4 years?

… I really don’t know where I will be in a few years I would obviously want to graduate and find a good job maybe something with fashion, because I am trying to start my modelling career, hopefully something will work out.


Oh good, keep us updated with your modelling career and come knocking any time. It was nice talking to you 🙂

Thank you so much ☺️

Stats/Sizes: Nicole Rudy

  • 17 years old
  • Height – 5’9
  • Dress: Size 8-10
  • Shoe Size – 6
  • Eye Colour – Blue
  • Hair – Long Blonde
  • Polish
  • No Tattoos
  • 11 Piercings

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