10 Things We Learned From ‘Lemonade’


10 Things We Learned From ‘Lemonade’

It’s out, it’s here, it’s available on iTunes… all is right in the world!

In case you have been living under the rock for the last 48 hours, Beyoncé has finally released her sixth studio album ‘Lemonade‘ after its mini movie/visual presentation on HBO this past Saturday evening.

As expected it is another visual album, but this time the lyrics, sounds and visual offers another level of insight in her personal life and interpretations of events.

What she has become so good at nowadays is giving people what they have speculated but still leaving us with a million and one questions afterwards.

As a result this isn’t your typical album review because deep down we are still trying to interpret the true meaning behind this album.

However we can definitely analyse the top ten conclusions and statements that have come to us as a result of what we’ve seen and heard so far.

So let’s take a look

  1. Did Jay Z cheat? 

Let’s just get the big question out of the way! Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t? But we can’t help but presume that this is the case. The album takes us through the discovery, immediate reaction, the anger and the eventual forgiveness. There are comparable moments to her fathers past infidelity, adding a whole other chapter into who these songs are about and why there is so more emotion. The real question is who is Becky with the good hair? Google it, i’m sure the BeyHive will let you know!


2. Is Beyoncé past the idea of being ”Commercial”?

Upon first listen you will notice that the album lacks that instant, easy on the ear, the song that everyone loves, the track that radio rotates constantly. But heres the thing…that’s okay! Six albums in people understand and know who Beyoncé is, she has her fans and following and will grab headlines wherever she is. I feel that ever since ‘4‘ Beyoncé has made a point of making the music she wants to release. She wants to start a conversation and leave people thinking. Now i’m not saying that none of the singles of this album will be a hit, however I do feel that these songs will take longer to digest than previous songs before – but this will only add to the mystique and timelessness of this release.

3. Beyoncé goes country?

I have always liked country music in small doses, in fact I am sure that many of you do too. The track ‘Daddy Lessons‘ literally takes us to the country and sees Bey tackle a genre that she has never tried before. The result is a song that could easily sit and be played alongside many of today’s country contemporaries.

4. The power of a ballad.

One thing I have felt that Beyoncé has lacked in the last couple of years is a good ballad. Sure the likes of ‘Heaven‘, ‘1+1‘ and ‘I Was Here‘ from her last two releases were pleasant and easy on the ear but something I wanted from this new album was another signature ballad. In enters ‘Sandcastles‘, which is probably the most stripped back song and video on ‘Lemonade‘. This track just immediately takes you there and presents a rawness that can transcend fluently onto her audiences. I can see this song being a moment if she performs it on the ‘Formation World Tour‘.

5. High profile collaborations, part VI

One thing Beyoncé has always been good at this collaborating with artists of the moment. ‘Lemonade‘ continues this movement with high-profile collaborations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, James Blake and The Weeknd. While she maintains her dominance on all of these songs, its good to hear an alternative opinion throughout the musical journey.


6. Has her voice actually improved as time goes on?

Don’t get me wrong she has always had a great voice, but I just feel that today her vocal ability and delivery is stronger than it’s ever been. Maybe it is down to the more present emotions and expectations when collaborating with high profile musicians and producers? The album doesn’t even sound over produced either, which is why I had to take note of her excellent vocals.

7. Why did she decide to tackle more societal issues this time around?

Beyoncé has always been passionate about causes and the world around her, but this time it feels that she has made a more conscious effort to tackle this issues especially for the younger generation. Maybe she feels that now that she is held on such an elevated level, people will take notice of what she is saying faster than the average person. We have already seen her statements this year with the (brilliant) single ‘Formation‘ and it is only delved into further with this album. It’s great to see Beyoncé express her opinion more on societal issues, which I am sure will make her even more relatable and admired amongst her fans.


8. Less is more

12 tracks is a perfect length for any album in my opinion. What I found so pleasant when looking over the tracks was the standard length of the majority of the songs. One thing I dislike is when an artist releases an album and tracks cross well over the six minute mark and becomes bloated. Thankfully none of the songs on this album does this. Beyoncé says just enough on all of the tracks and still leaves an impact on all of them. The only downside is that it still leaves us wanting more, which only makes this post sound contradictory…

9. The tour?

I can help but wonder how these songs will translate live and onto a stage platform. While I’m sure she will pull it off, it will just be interesting to see how the 2016 will look on stage and in stadiums?!?

10. How we do determine the success of ‘Lemonade‘?

Past Beyoncé albums have defined it successes thanks to awards, number one singles, videos, promotions and record sales. However due to streaming and limited promotion, will actual record sales match previous achievements? Will she get a crossover smash that every chart fanatic wants? Will she win Album of the Year at the Grammys? None of this can be answered right now, but if there is one thing for sure it is that people are talking and speculating about ‘Lemonade‘ and its potential game-changing impact. If you take that theory and mix it with the statements of the album, then maybe it is a success already?


Lemonade‘ is available on Tidal, iTunes and Amazon now.

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Article By:  Grant Savage

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