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Rapper, Caspa is out with new EP, Young Legends...


[EYES AND VOICE] The Luton music scene is still very small and growing. Also there’s some few Luton singers and rappers you should know… If your search is for a Luton rapper, there’s one name you should check out; the conscious rapper, Caspa.

Caspa have the same flair as Akala. Songs with deep meanings, poetic lyrics and nice personality to match.


The rapper who lives in Luton, released his new EP, “Young Legends” on April 15. The 8 song project consist of emotional lyrics and well told stories, the most captivating song is track 5; ‘Angels’ – where Caspa raps about his god-daughter, Amelia who has sadly passed away.


Eyes And Voice caught up with Caspa to tells us about the Young Legends EP and describe the processing of making it, here’s what the Luton rapper have to say:

The EP is just an extended play of a single I wrote called Angels. which I dedicated to my god daughter who passed away. the material had just built over time and just compiled everything over a selective period.

Young Legends itself; well that’s a whole different story but I wanted to come across as to what legends are. Stories that never die and then eventually become something powerful and meaningful.

Reactions so far have been good. Even criticised to a point where people have claimed its on par to being one of the most great pieces of work to come out of the U.K.

I would describe it as perfect poetry over music that just syncs with the lyrics…

Caspa’s ‘Young Legend’ EP is available to download on iTunes and other music sites.

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