May 2nd 2016: Leicester City Football Club becomes Champions of England | EYES AND VOICE

Leicester City wins the 2015/2016 Premier League


[EYES AND VOICE] On Monday night (May 2nd 2016), Leicester City Football Club won the 2015/2016 Premier League season to become champions of English football after Tottenham Hotspur’s draw with Chelsea FC.

What a historic night for world football! For the first time ever (in 132 years) Leicester City won the Premier League.


Did the people of Leicester celebrate? Yes they did. Did Jamie Vardy and team mates have a party? Yes they did. How does everyone feel the morning after? Terrible, hangover. Who’s called off sick? A lot.

Congratulation to Claudio Ranieri, N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez, Wes Morgan and the entire Leicester City team.


After Tottenham drew 2-2 with Chelsea, here’s how the world reacted to the Foxes becoming Champions of England and Pictures from Jamie Vardy’s party with teams.

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