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Sadiq Khan wins election to become the new Mayor of London


[EYES AND VOICE] The election was yesterday (6 May). Just after midnight (7 May), Sadiq Khan was formally announced as the next Mayor of London.

With this victory, Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim to be elected Mayor of a major Western capital.


But there’s a twist… (Technically) Boris Johnson is till the Mayor of London.

Although Sadiq Khan won the Mayoral election in a landslide, convincing victory, he’s not the London Mayor just yet. Here’s why…

Because the counting of the votes took so long, and the result/declaration came in after midnight, Boris Johnson remains Mayor until 00:01 on Monday.

But that doesn’t take anything away from Khan’s historic achievement. Khan gave a speech thanking London for electing him. During his speech, he also made reference to Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith’s widely criticised campaign strategy.

Who is Sadiq Khan? Here’s 14 things you should know about the new London Mayor:


  1. Sadiq Khan was born in London in 1970. He is the fifth of eight children.
  2. Age: 45
  3. His surname (Khan), dates back thousands of years to ancient Mongolia and it means, ‘Chief’ or ‘King’.
  4. He grew up in Tooting.
  5. Khan was raised in a London council estate.
  6. Young Sadiq learned to box to defend himself from racists.
  7. He is also a keen football, plays for the labour team.
  8. His father was a bus driver.
  9. Young Sadiq attended Ernest Bevin College, in Tooting.
  10. He studied Law at the University of North London. And became a civil rights lawyer.
  11. The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan was among Sadiq Khan’s high-profile clients as a solicitor. Mr Sadiq helped overturn an exclusion order (later upheld on appeal) on US political activist Louis Farrakhan.
  12. In 2005, he fought and retained the seat of Tooting for Labour.
  13. He is married with two daughters.
  14. And now, in 2016 Sadiq Khan won the London Mayoral race with %56.8 (percent) of the votes. He replaces Boris Johnson.

Congrats Mr Sadiq Khan. We here at Eyes And Voice wish you all the best…

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