VIDEO: Kanye West says He can make the World better in Hundred Years | EYES AND VOICE

With more resources I could change the world - Kanye West


[EYES AND VOICE] Kanye West as ever did not fail to speak his mind on different issues on his recent interview on Ellen Show.

When asked if he regretted asking Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million on Twitter, the ‘The Life Of Pablo’ rapper said no, and went on to explain that he had previously had dinner with the Facebook founder and his wife and that they had said they would help. Kanye West justified his plea by telling DeGeneres: “I feel that if I had more resources I could help more people. I have ideas that can make the human race existence within our hundred years, better, period.”

West went on to speak for about 7 minutes on issues including Michael Jackson not being recognised in his own time (“he couldn’t get his video on MTV because he was considered to be urban”), the fact that we live in Renaissance times, why successful people are polymaths, and Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Picasso. Ye’s inspiring speech stunned reactions from both the crowd (who occasionally broke into applause) and DeGeneres, who looked dumbfounded during Kanye’s speech.

Kanye West ended his speech by jokingly apologising for “the realness”.

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