[EYES AND VOICE] Even with the violence, Luton had a good 40th Carnival.

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On Sunday (May 29) was the 40th Luton International Carnival – the one day arts and culture event did not fail to impress…

Although, there was some major changes this year, like the parade route but like always, the carnival did feature very colourful showcases.

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A Britain Got Talent 2010 contestant was on the parade.

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The carnival and parade was scheduled from 12 noon to 6pm. After 8pm, there were some violence incidents reported in Luton town centre (St George’s Square)… Police investigations is still on-going, Eyes And Voice learned.

It will be harsh to say the incidents was caused by Luton Carnival as the showcases & parade didn’t go through St George’s Square (town centre) and the carnival ended over 3 hours before the incidents took place. But for sure, the incidents involved people who (mostly) came from outside Luton for the carnival.

With this and the already changes made to the carnival like the parade route, judges & main stage and more… The Luton Carnival seems to be losing its hold and getting smaller.

Which brings a question to mind, is this the beginning to the end of Luton International Carnival?

Do have your say on the comment box below… For more on Luton Carnival check the UKCCA website.

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Here is a gallery of amazing pictures from the 40th Luton Carnival (2016)

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