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Taylor Swift prohibits Calvin Harris from Performing new song; This Is What You Came For


[EYES AND VOICE] – Taylor Swift‘s break-up with Calvin Harris has not been going all too well…

In the past couple weeks, Harris and Taylor has been on Twitter feuds about the origin and actual owner of Calvin’s new single, ‘This Is What You Came For’. It’s has come to notice, that the song which features Rihanna singing was actually written (lyrics & melody) by Taylor Swift.

This feud has led to #TaylorSwiftisOverParty trending on Twitter implying that this might just be the end for Taylor Swift – Yeah, I know, we will have to come back for Kim Kardashian versus Taylor, that’s another story…

As the pair’s feud continues, Eyes And Voice learned, Taylor Swift has ordered Calvin Harris to stop every performance of ‘This Is What You Came’ as she owns the performance right to the song.

This led me to wonder, is this not Karma… Because when Calvin Harris and Rita Ora broke up sometime last year, Calvin yanked Rita Ora’s right from performing her single (I Will Never Let You Down) and every other songs he co-wrote/produced on Rita forthcoming album – which was almost the entire album – this led that Rita was unable to put out an album, even up until now.

Calvin Harris Named 2013 Highest Paid DJ in the World. by Eyes and Voice

As much as we like Harris, he did it to Rita – when they broke up – now it’s Taylor’s turn… This is Karma catching up with you, Mr DJ.

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