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JME weds girlfriend Sarah...


[EYES AND VOICE] So JME got married last night! Firstly, how did no-one know he was in a relationship?…

Grime rapper, BBK producer JME and his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Cavanagh have last night (12 August) officially tie the knot! Eyes And Voice have all the details, right here.

What a special day! JME and Sarah have finally got married after being together for couple years. On August 12, SBtv’s Jamal Edwards shared some Snapchat videos of JME’s wedding reception; which was packed with fellow rappers and music colleagues.

Ed Sheeran, Fekky, Lethal Bizzle, Giggs and more were present at the special occasion.

The main talking point of the occasion was the choice of outfit by the ‘That’s not Me’ rapper. JME stuck with his signature durag headwear!

It didn’t take long before fans had a meme-full evening on social media. “JME got married in a durag, I’m wearing white Air Forces to mine…” One fan tweeted.

“Jme wore his Durag at his wedding ? Guess im wearing a tracksuit sorry baby love”, “JME got married in a durag. Cool I’m going to my wedding North Face everything” –  another twitter users wrote.

From us here at, we say congratulations to Sarah & JME.

What do you think of JME’s durag outfit? Tell us in the comment box below

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