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Uni Beds student bar Sub2 in Luton to shut down...


Luton: Sub2 To Shut Down

[EYES AND VOICE] A lot can be said about Luton that appears to be true and untrue, but one thing that appears to be a constant recurring theme is the closing of the towns nightlife scene!

Over the last two years we have seen the doors permanently shut on clubs such as Liquid, Chicago’s, The London Hatter and many of the towns local pubs. While there still appears to be an elite few that are hanging in there including Yates, Flame, The Exchange, Red Lion and Edge, there now appears to be warning signs for a few of the towns current social clubs.

Luton nightlife

Rumours are circulating that the towns student exclusive bar Sub2 is either allegedly shutting down or having yet another revamp later this year. With student life set to recommence in matter of weeks a decision will no doubt be made public sooner than later…


With so much being added to the town to accommodate the growing high reputation of the university, a landscape on the students nightlife is an essential element to the university experience. For it to potentially lose out one of its key student hang out spots would leave a large hole for many people wishing to socialise in a familiar environment.

Meanwhile the former homes of past Luton nightclubs including Liquid, Chicago’s and Legends remaining empty with no real confirmation on what will be done with the huge spaces left of the former social hang out spots.

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