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Frank Ocean releases Blonde, Endless and a video for 'Nikes'...


Frank Ocean releases Blonde, Endless and a video for ‘Nikes’

[EYES AND VOICE] We have waited and waited for a very long time actually… The last Frank Ocean’s album was sometime is 2012.

For all the release dates that came and gone; July 2015, July 2016, August 5th 2016, the empty room on Apple Music… Frank Ocean have decided to come out from hiding (that’s the theory) and release his new album, ‘Blonde’ (or ‘Blond’) in the early hours of this morning (21 August).

Not just his surprise release of Blonde, Frank also put out a visual album, Endless.


And he didn’t end there, Frank Ocean also blessed us with a NSFW video for ‘Nikes’ – one of the songs from his new album, Blonde.

But, wait! is it “Blond” or “Blonde”? that’s the confusion that seems to be going on online about the album tittle and cover art. Blond or Blonde, who cares now – we’ve got a new Frank Ocean that’s what matters…

FYI : In French, Blond is masculine and Blonde is feminine.

Listen to Frank Ocean’s new album, Blonde (or Blond) here

Use this link for Frank Ocean’s Endless

Also, watch Frank’s ‘Nikes’ video here

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