Review: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance


Review: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

It’s the twelve minutes a year that has the whole world watching and it is a performance that has to be like no other. 2017 was Lady Gaga’s time to take to the Super Bowl stage and I am pleased to say she didn’t disappoint.

It’s no secret that her career has had high’s and lows over the last couple of years and this performance was a chance for her to show the masses what they have been missing in recent times. It could of also been a chance for Gaga to get more political especially during the today’s troubles, but thankfully she kept the controversy to a minimum and let her talent and songs speak for themselves.

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After kicking of the performance on top of the NRG Stadium in Texas, she opened with ‘God Bless America‘ and ‘This Land Is Your Land‘ – a simple yet effective nod about uniting the country during uneven times. Once that segment concluded she simply jumped of the roof heading straight to the stage, as one does! Let’s be honest we all know this particular segment was pre-recorded, but let’s embrace the magic of television special effects so we can live in the moment okay?

Channeling her inner P!nk, Gaga flies around the stage while launching into ‘Poker Face‘ & ‘Born This Way‘. I don’t know why but it seems like forever since I’ve heard them songs and seeing elements of the well known choreography sent us straight back to classic Gaga , which I’ve guess now missed…

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An unexpected return of ‘Telephone‘ was welcomed and if Beyoncé hadn’t announced her pregnancy a couple of days ago I would of been certain that she would pop up as a surprise special guest. While this wasn’t the case, it was nice for Gaga to bring this song to attention even after her past negative comments on the song itself. 2008 was back in full force when she launched into ‘Just Dance‘ – has it really been that long she became famous? This performance is a legit road down memory lane…

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Finally ”Joanne” Gaga comes out in full force with an intimate performance of her latest single ‘Million Reasons‘. This song brings it all in when defining Gaga as a true vocalist and her unique messages in her work output. A shout out to her mother and father was also a cute touch!

The performance concludes with a performance of her biggest track ‘Bad Romance‘ and the Gaga that we all fell in love with was back in that moment. The crowd was into it (with choreography as well), the dancers were on point and Gaga was clearly embracing every vital second of this world affirming performance.

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And just like with every halftime performance it was over. Overall I enjoyed the performance for what it was. I wouldn’t say I am the biggest Gaga fan on earth, but nevertheless I wanted to make a point of watching this performance live because I appreciate her versatile talent. As a casual fan I got exactly what I wanted for the performance which is just the hits. I’m glad she didn’t get too political because it would of taken away from the aura that is Lady Gaga in itself. If anything she needed this moment to remind the general public of who she is and why they embraced her all those years ago.

Would I personally say it was the best half time show of all time? No. But that is okay, every halftime show over the years from the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry have all had their own unique production + delivery and for that is truly sums up the magic of what a halftime performance can be in today’s modern era. If I am being extremely picky I felt that Gaga’s performance lacked a true WOW moment. Maybe it was the roof jump at the start that was meant to get us all, but for me due to it being at the beginning the ”WOW” moment peaked too soon and I was left waiting for another build up moment to happen?!? Maybe if I re-watch it down the line my opinion will change?

But I am going to end this on a positive note. Lady Gaga and her monsters should be proud of this performance. She truly showed the world her undeniable talent and her half time performance will no doubt go down as one of the most memorable, crowd pleasing and talent defining moments in recent times. Congrats to Gaga!!!

On a side note, can people stop criticising the use of playback on a halftime show. Those who know anything about halftime performances know that the sound in a stadium can be extremely give or take and sometimes it’s not worth the risk performing the entire performance live vocally. This shouldn’t be an automatic criticism each and every year because it is to be expected.

I am pretty sure every one of our faves has had to lip sync certain parts of their performance each year and for certain people to bring up this performance technique each and every time is getting tired and repetitive on our end as well, when having to explain why they (wisely) choose playback!

In other news she has just announced her ‘Joanne World Tour‘, so good luck it getting tickets for that one little monsters!

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Article By:  Grant Savage



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