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Eyes And Voice is the home of UK celebrity and entertainment news, fashion and lifestyle.

Eyes and Voice is an online platform covering News, Music and Entertainment, Art, Sports, Fashion, Culture and Lifestyle.

About Eyes and Voice and the Eyes and Voice team.

Eyes and Voice was founded in 2013 and we are based in Birmingham and Luton, UK.

Achievements: In our first seven (7) months of existence, We had an average of 100 Thousands (100K) monthly on EyesAndVoice.com.

In our local community: Eyes and Voice is the new number one (1) online platform for music and entertainment in Birmingham, Luton and Bedfordshire (UK) area.

Eyes and Voice is the new number one name focused on offering the latest Entertainment News and Celebrity gossips. We will keep you updated with all the latest entertainment news and celebrity lifestyle from your favourite celebs. For all our latest news, Click Here.

World and Breaking News: We focus on keeping our readers updated with the latest world and breaking news around the world. For all the latest Breaking News, Click here.

Fashion: EyesandVoice is focused on offering its readers the latest fashion news, news from the world of modelling and the fashion industry. For our fashion news, Click Here.

Technology: EyesandVoice offers its readers the latest news and updates on new tech(s). We will keep you updated with the new technology releases from tech industry. For all our  technology news, Click Here.

Sports: We are focused on sharing with our readers all the latest sport news from around the world including Football, Soccer, Tennis and more. For all sport news, Click Here.

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